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The crew at Catamount  Mountain Resort prides itself on providing the best conditions no matter what the weather. We've invested heavily in snow making and grooming in the last 18 months, adding almost 200 snow guns, 3 grooming machines including a new Prinoth Leitwolf, 4 retention ponds, 3 pumps, and 5 miles of snow making pipe. We now possess one of the best pound for pound snow making operations in Southern New England.

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Photo of the Day

Wednesday, March 11.  Snow on many trails will be groomed out Friday night in time for a sunny weekend.

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As December approaches, our Mountain Operations staff is working hard to finish many projects on the mountain. Snowmaking weather will return the week of 12/7 as evening temperatures are forecast to drop to the mid 20's. There will be many operational changes at Catamount this winter that comply with our State's Covid19 ski resort guidelines for MA and NY. A summary will be prepared this month. It is most important to know that the health and safety of our guests and staff is paramount. If you or a family member feels sick please stay at home until you are healthy. Be prepared to wear face coverings at all times at Catamount . Practice social distancing at least 6' apart from others and wash and sanitize your hands frequently. Purchase lift tickets and rental equipment in advance on-line! Follow our rules and be the reason we have our season.

This season will certainly be different so be sure to have a plan before you visit us this winter. If you are not a season passholder we urge everyone to purchase lift tickets, snowsports lessons and ski/snowboard rentals in advance for assurance that there is space for you on the day you plan to visit. Purchasing these items in advance will save money too. There will be limited access to indoor areas due to occupancy reduction. We strongly request that your time indoors be limited to 30 minutes or less so others can have the same opportunity. Please be considerate and cognizant with respect to your indoor time. Use your car as your lodge if at all possible. Bags will not be allowed in the lodges so you should plan to boot up at your car. Non-skiers will not be permitted to lounge in the lodges. Only those that are purchasing food will be permitted in the lodges. Speaking of food service, the operations will be different. Our food service staff has another set of rules to follow. There will not be grab and go this year. It will be more like give and go. Ask us what you want and we will serve you. Whether it is a coffee, hot chocolate, beverage, or food item, we will hand it to you. There will not be trays available in the lodge this season. We may be filling a bag for you instead. Bring your own tissues too. Napkin dispensers and condiments will not be self-serve this season. Being outside can be very enjoyable. We will emphasize our new outdoor BBQ. There will be more picnic tables and daily cabana rentals with heaters too.

On the mountain please be patient in the lift mazes where face coverings are mandatory. Lines will generally be longer this winter because seating on chairlifts will not always be filled to capacity. You can ride with those you traveled with and be sure to maintain 6' distancing in the lift lines. Riding with skiers you don't know has other seating restrictions that will be posted at the lifts. In any event, face coverings are mandatory while riding lifts.

Fresh air, views, carving turns and being with family and friends may be even better this season. Stay healthy and come have fun at Catamount this winter!

We are working hard on our plan and if you have a good plan, your visit to Catamount can be just as much fun as it has always been.


MA Base Cam

Last Update: November 26th 7:42pm

NY Base Cam

Last Update: August 23rd 5:37pm

Weather Forecast

Mid Mountain - 1503 ft
Outlook Wind Snow Rain Max Min WChill Freezing
Thu 26 morning light rain 12 0 in 0.2 in 52 °F 52 °F 48 °F 8859 ft
Thu 26 afternoon rain shwrs 9 0 in 0 in 52 °F 48 °F 45 °F 7382 ft
Thu 26 night some clouds 6 0 in 0 in 46 °F 43 °F 39 °F 11319 ft
Fri 27 morning some clouds 6 0 in 0 in 46 °F 46 °F 43 °F 11155 ft
Fri 27 afternoon cloudy 3 0 in 0 in 45 °F 43 °F 41 °F 4757 ft
Fri 27 night some clouds 3 0 in 0 in 41 °F 39 °F 36 °F 3937 ft
Sat 28 morning rain shwrs 6 0 in 0 in 41 °F 41 °F 37 °F 3937 ft
Sat 28 afternoon rain shwrs 12 0 in 0 in 39 °F 36 °F 28 °F 3281 ft
Sat 28 night clear 9 0 in 0 in 36 °F 36 °F 28 °F 5578 ft
Sun 29 morning clear 6 0 in 0 in 46 °F 41 °F 36 °F 7874 ft
Sun 29 afternoon clear 9 0 in 0 in 45 °F 41 °F 36 °F 9187 ft
Sun 29 night some clouds 12 0 in 0 in 41 °F 39 °F 32 °F 8531 ft
Mon 30 morning light rain 19 0 in 0.1 in 50 °F 46 °F 39 °F 7054 ft
Mon 30 afternoon heavy rain 37 0 in 1.2 in 55 °F 52 °F 43 °F 8859 ft
Mon 30 night rain shwrs 25 0 in 0.4 in 57 °F 52 °F 46 °F 10335 ft
Tue 01 morning rain shwrs 25 0 in 0 in 48 °F 43 °F 34 °F 6726 ft
Tue 01 afternoon clear 16 0 in 0 in 39 °F 34 °F 25 °F 2953 ft
Tue 01 night some clouds 16 0 in 0 in 32 °F 27 °F 14 °F 984 ft

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