Miles Humbaugh

Miles Humbaugh Memorial Scholarship

The Miles Humbaugh Memorial Scholarship (MHMS) aims to support youth ski racing by reducing the financial burden for families in need so that they can continue to participate in the Catamount Race Program.  The MHMS committee will determine how the limited scholarship resources will be allocated annually.  The current focus of the scholarship is to provide support to participants involved in Catamount’s Interclub Race Program.

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*** This application must be returned to by October 11th. Scholarship recipients will be notified by November 1st, 20212.

Donate to the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Fund

Miles was a beloved member of the Catamount Interclub Racing team. His enthusiasm and love for ski racing was infectious and his smile never left the ears of his blue helmet. This fund has been created specifically for the improvement of the Catamount youth racing program which was so important to Miles and the Humbaugh family. The money raised will be used to create and name a facility in Miles's memory, provide scholarships for ski racers, and to fund future racing needs.

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