Catamount Full View Of Mountain

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Get ready for a great summer!

KT Tunstall Catamount Concert

July 3rd - Celebrate the start of the holiday weekend, with Kt Tunstall, the Kat Wright Trio and The Clams!

Starting off with The Clams at 12:00pm. Followed by the Kat Wright Trio at 2:00pm, and the internationally famous KT Tunstall at 4:00pm, this holiday weekend will be a hoot for all!

Marc Roberge Catamount

July 17th - Marc Roberge from O.A.R. with Adam Gardner from Guster and Pete Kilpatrick Band

Up and comer Pete Kilpatrick will open the concert, before handing the stage to Adam Gardner of Guster. The headliner of the afternoon will be Marc Roberge of O.A.R. 

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