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Letter to Catamount From Jon Schaefer

Letter to Catamount From Jon Schaefer

December, 7th 2023

Dear Catamount Skiers and Snowboarders,

I've shared a few letters with you over the past couple of seasons, and unfortunately (for all of us), it was to stand in front of the truck while explaining some of the trials and tribulations of rebuilding an aging ski area while maintaining operations.

Today, I am writing a different letter. A thank you letter. Thank you for being part of the Catamount community. Thank you to the staff for being a part of the transformation and for the preparation you have put in for this winter. Unequivocally, the Catamount employees have done an awesome job getting the resort ready for this upcoming winter season.

Last week, you all saw some of that work with the first November opening in a long time. How awesome is that?

I've kept quiet this year on the Catamount channels. This felt like an underpromise and overdeliver type of year, and I was going to keep my mouth shut a little longer, but I couldn't. The staff is working too hard, doing too many of the right things, and working with too much pride not to acknowledge it.

Now, excellence doesn't just happen; it is achieved by consistently doing the right things to enable it. I see it in the level of detail and pride in the snowmaking crew. I know it from the beautification that happens on a daily basis. The devil is always in the details when getting an operation like this going each fall. The team is operating at a high level and you can feel, hear, and see it.

For all of you, staff and guests alike, thank you for the commitment to the resort. Thank you for being part of the extended family, and please let's just have a ton of fun with this awesome mountain and community this winter.

I can't wish all the terrain open, and I can't wish for perfect conditions, but I can tell you that the team is doing all the little things required to create those scenarios when the time comes, and that effort and hard work is what I am acknowledging to you today.

Going forward, we are going to take what the weather gives us. There will be some speed bumps, but that's normal. We can't promise a particular trail on a particular day, but I am highly confident that given peaceful weather with normal operating conditions, Catamount is going to rock.

Thank you for being part of it.

Head Maple Sugarer,

Jon Schaefer
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